Avantone Pro
Custom-Aged Replacement Tweeter for Avantone Pro CLA-10 / Yamaha NS-10M
Price: $199.00


The AV10-MHF Aged is a faithful re-creation of the original NS-10 high-frequency driver. We treated our best-selling AV10 MHF with an aging process to match the sound of the best vintage specimens. Since the iconic NS-10 was discontinued, the supply of aftermarket components has become more and more expensive and less and less available. All the while, high-frequency drivers in the field are rapidly deteriorating due to years of in-studio use, making buying used drivers a questionable proposition. No need to spend decades breaking in your current drivers; Avantone Pro has done that work for you. AGED BUT NOT OLD. We didn’t arrive at the tonal character of the AV10 MHF Aged by putting a cloned tweeter through any kind of harsh break-in process that could loosen fibers and glue while simultaneously shortening the life of the speaker. Instead, we developed an elaborate pre-texturizing process that accurately simulates the behavior and voicing of a 30-year old original NS-10M Studio driver that has been around the block a few times. The benefits of this approach are twofold. First, you won’t be buying a speaker that is already “used” and worn-out from a break-in procedure re-creating 30 years of use. Secondly, our texturization process adds weight and strength to both the surround and cone, simultaneously ensuring long life while creating the desired voicing. The AV10-MHF Aged replacement speakers sound correct the day you install them, and they won’t lose their voicing over time due to mechanical fatigue over years of long mix sessions. THE CLA MONITOR FAMILY — ONLY FROM AVANTONE. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring this classic monitor system back to the world — but it took more than just recreating a single speaker.
  • Perfect replacement tweeter for NS10M, CLA-10, and CLA-10A monitors
  • Proprietary texturization process for classic voicing and long life
  • Easy installation