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Item ID: RC-1F
Unlatched (momentary) foot switch Built-in 6’ cable with 1/4” phone plug on terminating end Polarity switch allows for selection of normally open or normally closed operation.
PRICE: $45.00
The Reloop RMP-2.5 Alpha is a true cross media player with additional MIDI function.
PRICE: $549.00
The Reloop RMP-1 Scratch MK2 Table Top Scratch CD Player is equipped with a sophisticated DSP scratch simulator that can be controlled via the two-piece, touch-sensitive jog wheel.
PRICE: $399.00
Can be used with the following Tascam products: Dante Compact Processor Series, SD-20M, DP-32SD, DP-24SD, DP-003SD, US-20x20, US-16x08, US-4x4, DR-680MK2, TA-1VP.
PRICE: $75.00
The DR-05X offers portable, high-quality stereo recording in MP3 or WAV format – including 96-kHz/24-bit high-resolution audio – using microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC media.
PRICE: $179.00
The DR-07X Stereo Handheld Digital-Audio Recorder with USB Audio Interface from Tascam is an addition to the popular handheld recorder line.
PRICE: $219.00
The DR-40X Four-Track Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface from Tascam is the latest generation of professional handheld recorders and is the successor to Tascam's popular DR-40 recorder.
PRICE: $299.00
Item ID: 202-MKVII
The Tascam 202MKVII is a rackmount USB dual cassette deck designed to deliver flexible cassette recording and transfer functions for musicians, singers, and archivists in home, project, and commercial studios. It features two twin-head cassette...
PRICE: $729.00
The IF-AN16/OUT 16-Channel Analog Interface Card from Tascam is designed to fit the DA-6400 64-Channel Recorder. The IF-AN16/OUT card features two 25-Pin Sub-D connectors for 16 analog channels.
PRICE: $1,349.00
The Tascam CD-400U is a 1 RU CD/SD/USB player with Bluetooth and AM/FM radio designed to provide versatile media playback and recording for educators, system installers, A/V technicians, and audio engineers in schools, concert venues, houses...
PRICE: $599.00
Displaying 1-10 of 62 results
1 .. 2 3 4