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Item ID: CD-A580-V2
The CD-A580 V2 makes the most of two highly popular consumer audio formats, audio cassette and audio CD, by combining them with a USB memory recorder/player into an attractive package that delivers both functionality and value.
PRICE: $1,039.00
Item ID: CD-RW900SX
The CD-RW900SX is for professional CD recording and playback applications. As a CD recorder, this includes final mastering, dubbing from any external source, archiving audio and more.
PRICE: $739.00
AK-BT1 is a Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless remote control for compatible TASCAM products. When used with the product control app on a smart phone or tablet, remote control and other available functionality is possible.
PRICE: $59.00
The new Launcher system and 3.5-inch color touch panel allow smooth navigation to select the best audio settings that match the application.
PRICE: $699.00
The BD-MP4K is a remote controllable 1U rack mount 4K UHD Blu-ray player with DVD/CD, SD card and USB flash memory playback. It supports a wide range of disc formats in addition to several different video, still image, and audio file formats.
PRICE: $959.00
The Saramonic SR-Q2 is a compact and lightweight handheld audio recorder that features a pair of high-quality stereo condenser microphones that make it easy to capture rich, broadcast-quality sound.
PRICE: $129.00
TASCAM’s best-selling line of single-rackspace CD players has been updated with the CD-500B. The CD-500B is a slot-loading CD player with a new transport, featuring brushless motors and an edge-grabbing mechanism to prevent disc damage.
PRICE: $699.00
Tascam Model 12 is a compact all-in-one integrated mixing and recording suite designed for music and multimedia creators, songwriters and performers.
PRICE: $849.00
A compact, full-featured multi-format professional Blu-ray player offering DVD/CD, SD card and USB flash memory playback.
PRICE: $659.00
Item ID: RC-1F
Unlatched (momentary) foot switch Built-in 6’ cable with 1/4” phone plug on terminating end Polarity switch allows for selection of normally open or normally closed operation.
PRICE: $54.00
Displaying 1-10 of 55 results
1 .. 2 3 4