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VmicLink5 represents the next generation of digital wireless systems. Utilizes the new 5.8GHz transmission technology to transfer high quality audio.
PRICE: $1,039.00
The Saramonic Blink 800 B3 is a 5.8GHz Wireless Instrument System for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and other 1/4" Instruments and Audio Sources.
PRICE: $339.00
The Saramonic Blink 800 B2 is a compact and versatile 5.8GHz Wireless XLR Plug-On System that is designed to make any dynamic or battery-powered condenser microphone wireless.
PRICE: $399.00
The Saramonic Blink 800 B1 is an incredibly compact and simple to use 5.8GHz Wireless Lavalier System that is designed for cameras, recorders and mixers.
PRICE: $399.00
The Performance Series bodypack boasts a contemporary and comfortable design. Rugged construction and ease of use make the B60 ideal for all users and applications.
Price: $370.00
The RF Venue 8-Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack contains a COMBINE8 8-channel IEM transmitter combiner, a CP Beam helical antenna, and a 25' low-loss RG8X coaxial antenna cable.
PRICE: $2,899.00
The COMBINE8 IEM combiner brings together up to eight in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single rear panel mounted antenna connector.
PRICE: $1,849.00
RF Venue
This easy-to-use, stand mountable antenna, gives you the flexibility to use your own stand and cables. Placing the antenna on a stand (instead of on the transmitter) allows you to move it out into the parking lot where it is needed most.
PRICE: $279.00
RF Venue
Item ID: RG8X200
Coaxial cabling can make the difference between flawless RF performance and total system failure. Even the slightest crimp or ding in coaxial cable can cause signals to drop sharply or short out.
PRICE: $599.00
RF Venue
The RF Venue DISTRO9 HDR represents a unique approach to high quality RF signal distribution for wireless microphones.
PRICE: $2,139.00
Displaying 1-10 of 134 results
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