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SurgeX enVision Power Conditioning System - Surge, AC Noise, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Inrush Current, EMI / RFI, Wiring Fault, Zero Voltage Turn-on protection - NEMA 5-20R, NEMA 5-15R - 120 V AC Input
PRICE: $1,056.00
The Remote Portal module brings IP connectivity to ESP diagnostic intelligence software to remotely monitor and diagnose power issues.
PRICE: $323.00
An ultimate troubleshooting tool with state-of-the-art power protection.
PRICE: $957.00
The SurgeX UPSBPX2000 is an extended battery pack compatible for UPS-2000-OL. It provides 2000 VA low voltage. It is 12V flame retardant / sealed lead-acid battery. It has a recharge time of 24 hours (single battery pack, 1A charger).
PRICE: $1,858.00
Displaying 1-4 of 4 results