Quad Industrial Concourse Speaker
Price: $219.00


The QUAD Industrial CONCOURSE C6 is a two way round ceiling speaker with a 6' LF, 1' soft done tweeter and passive crossover. The Concourse C6 is intended for small to medium room applications requiring high quality speech reinforcement and/or background music. The CONCOURSE C6 has switch settings for 4 and 16 ohm low impedance, allowing efficient use of amplifier power and parallel looping connections with no transformer losses or signal degradation. For distributed applications, the CONCOURSE C6 has an integral transformer rated at 60-30-15-7.5 watt taps @ 70volts and 60-30-15 watt taps @100volts. The CONCOURSE C6 includes a back box and 'C' ring for weight distribution on ceiling finishes. In addition, the C6 has an optional mud ring and ceiling tile mounting (with integral terminal box containing conduit knockouts). All components (including grill) are attached to a steel tether, which in turn is attached to an external anchor point.